‘HOLLY TRUST LTD’ is a limited liability Company which started operations in 2015. It got Rwanda Standard Board (RSB) License in December,2017 and Rwanda Utility Regulatory Board (RURA) TIN number in 2016.

It originated and headquarter in Rukira, Ngoma District, Eastern Rwanda. It has branches in Kigali city. It was founded by Shaffy Hagenimana, who is the current Managing Director.

Holly Trust LTD company deals with bees keeping, honey processing and produce related products such as Body & hair lotion, candles and pharmaceuticals,…

Historical background

Holly Trust LTD started as non-profitable project, later due to unemployment rate in Rwanda especially for youths, it became profitable business to employee both skilled and unskilled labor in order to improve their living standards. This idea originated because of the way beekeepers were given a low income due to 60% was waste and 40% honey. However, they couldn’t stop rearing those bees as long as the population was in need of it.

From there a research was made on what could be done with the 40% waste. It was found that a mixture of bees wax and honey could make a skin jelly, which helps in enriching the body with vitamins and softening the skin.


Holly Trust LTD feels responsible for improvement of health care and well-being of the people by producing high quality products under its brand name ‘Holly Trust Ltd’, hence to improve our country’s economy and living standard of the people.

In general, we intends to promote both apiculture and beekeepers in Rwanda


We aim to strategically position ourselves among the most admired global marketers and distributors of our products in the world and to meet the various needs of the consumer every day by marketing and selling products of a consistently high quality.

We intend to fully supply our local customers within five forthcoming years

-We also expect to supply other countries in the region

-Increasing volume of production

-Its target is to be able to employ about 3000 people in 5 years to come and being part of the exporting companies hence increasing the overall Rwanda GDP.


So far, Holy Trust has 355 beekeepers who are supplying more than a tone every 3-4 month and we are expecting 3000 more suppliers in forthcoming in five years. This will help us to process 20 tones of honey within 3-4 months.